Oklahoma Weather Modification Demonstration Program

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The Oklahoma Weather Modification Program is an operational cloud-seeding program with the dual goals of rainfall enhancement and hail suppression. The program began in 1996 as the Oklahoma Weather Modification Demonstration Program (OKWMDP). The purpose of the OKWMDP was to evaluate the potential effects and benefits of weather modification in Oklahoma. After three years of evaluation the state government decided to implement the progam as an official element of Oklahoma's water management strategy. A state law was passed in 1999 creating a new Weather Modification Division within the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. The law also created a Weather Modification Advisory Board to oversee weather modification efforts. A contractor provides the personnel, aircraft, and associated equipment and conducts the seeding operations. Since the program's beginning in 1996 Weather Modification Inc. of North Dakota has been the contractor.

The purpose of this web site is to provide some background information on cloud seeding, and to illustrate some of the results of the evaluation done by the Environmental Verification and Analysis Center and the Oklahoma Climatological Survey at the University of Oklahoma





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